East Greenville

East Greenville, Pennsylvania

Located at the intersection of Long Alley and Water Alley in the Borough of East Greenville, the WILLOWS AT EAST GREENVILLE is the adaptive reuse of an existing underutilized 5-story historic brick manufacturing building with two 1-story additions and one 3-story addition as well as two additional stand-alone buildings: a 2-story brick caretaker’s building and a non-historic garage structure. The renovation includes exemplary finishes and energy efficiencies while complying with all National Park Service requirements for historic structures.

40.4056° N / -75.5018° W
Line 6
Completion Date
71 Apartments

The site has been redeveloped for residential use including 71 rental apartments, with 70 loft style apartments in the existing main building and 1 two-story apartment in the caretaker’s house. The non- historic portions of the 1-story additions have been demolished, along with the stand-alone garage to allow for 121 parking spaces and a playground. Through masterful design, the building has retained its character and feel by exposing as much of the wood and brick as permitted by current life safety, fire, energy and sound codes.