Speitel Commons at Bayview Manor

Ocean City, New Jersey

SPEITEL COMMONS AT BAYVIEW MANOR is the first phase of Ocean City Housing Authority’s redevelopment plan for the existing Pecks Beach Village community. The project, located in the heart of Ocean City’s floodplain area, is part of the Sandy Disaster Recovery Program in conjunction with HUD and NJHMFA.

39.2776° N / -74.5746° W
Line 6
Completion Date
32 Apartments

The original request for proposal for a three-story building to house twenty (20) one-bedroom senior apartments with management, community, and support spaces over a parking garage, was expanded to a four-story, thirty-two (32) apartment building. The senior residents currently living at Pecks Beach Village will be relocated to this new state of the art building to demolish the existing apartments and make way for Phase II of the redevelopment plan.