Willows at Burlington Mill


THE MILL AT BURLINGTON is a redevelopment of an abandoned mill and site into a new affordable apartment community.

40.0712° N / -74.8649° W
Line 6
Completion Date
65 Apartments

The project included work to raise the entire site to elevations compliant with current flood regulations. The rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of the mill converted the space into 11 apartments and a large community center. New construction on the site included 5 three-story apartment buildings, site improvements, parking, lighting, playground equipment, fencing, landscaping, and storm-water management measures.

The new buildings are designed using massing and materials consistent with the existing mill. Lap and panel siding, brick veneer, aluminum railings and columns, and large Energy Star labeled windows and doors are included as part of the design. The Mill apartments have high ceilings, large industrial sized windows, and open, flowing floor plans consistent with loft-style living.