Work in Progress: Parkside

Camden, New Jersey

Parkside Place has received preliminary site plan approval for 32 mixed-income multifamily housing units, as well as 26,000 sf commercial space adjacent to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital on Haddon Avenue.

39.9259° N / 75.1196° W
Line 6
Completion Date
In Progress
32 Apartments | Commercial Space

The project will provide a combination of affordable and market rate apartments. Four affordable units will be set aside as supportive housing units. This component aims to address healthcare services and social supports to help individuals and families to live more stable lives. Service partners will include the Center for Family Services, Our lady of Lourdes and Virtua Hospitals. An onsite fitness center will be part of a wellness program offered through our hospital and health center partners. Residents and the hospital community will have access to the fitness center and wellness amenities. Sustainability features include a green roof, Energy Star Certification, Enterprise Green Communities Certification and the incorporation of biophilic standards both indoors and outdoors.

Parkside is part of a greater Parkside Neighborhood Plan, created through an interactive planning process engaging the residents, business owners, local stakeholder groups, and City of Camden leadership. Emerging from this process is a collaborative vision that will reinvigorate Parkside, create new opportunities, and sustain long term recovery. Components of the plan include a healthy communities partnership, educational plan, new employment and business opportunities, mixed-income housing, and a revitalized commercial corridor with linkages to enhanced transportation.