Pentecostal Square

Chester, Pennsylvania

PENTECOSTAL SQUARE is a community that represents Donovan Architects’ dedication to urban renewal. Located in Chester, PA, the site is directly across from the First Pentecostal Church. The site was formerly defined by an abandoned warehouse and overgrown lot but now provides much needed housing for locals and parishioners.

39.8496° N / -75.3557° W
Line 6
Completion Date
70 Apartments

The L-shaped building is defined by two wings. Through analysis of the site, it was determined that the slope could allow for an additional story on the Ulrich Street wing. The lowest level is visible only from the parking area, and features a lobby, medical suite, and independent community center operated by the Church, with three floors of apartments above. The three-story Pusey Street wing faces the Church with a grand entrance lobby and adjacent community room. The mix of residences and support spaces provide the opportunity to build a sense of community through the creation of functional space.